Everyone aspires to touch the zenith of success. People always surmise that the person who has seizes his goals; has it all. Everything for them is as easy-peasy as walking of fresh cakes. No light has ever shined upon the grey side of being a person who succeeds in life.


They face people who suffer from tall poppy syndrome. In this situation, people who are generally pondered successful in terms of achievements are criticized and pulled instead of bringing praised or pushed ahead. It’s very sad to admit but this thing prevails a lot in today’s time.

Every move that you make which results in your progress will attract two parties, the first being the potential customers and the second being the competitors or others associated with you. Generally, in the latter case, you are bound to find the people who will try to drag you down or create a hindrance in your work in whatever way possible. In other words, these kinds of people are known by the term, “haters”. Remember, criticism is not always bad, so learn to differentiate between constructive criticism and general hate.

We need to be aware of tall poppy syndrome so that we can learn to overcome it and at the same time stop being the one passing such tall poppy judgments. Every woman should ensure that these things don’t affect them from achieving their dreams and visions, whether in relationships, career, or health.

It’s true that at times, witnessing the surrounding, human nature may urge you to stop your growth, but remember that it’s not at all your duty to hamper your growth just because of the insecurities and low thoughts of others. By progressing ahead in our life, we are not doing anything wrong, it’s the betterment for society.

If the people who are trying to come in your way are total strangers or mere colleagues, then the situation can be handled to a lot extent but what about the time when your close loved ones are the people being the actual offenders? We know; this is exactly the kind of situation when things start getting troublesome. Let’s take a look at some of the most tried and tested ways through which you can get rid of the tall poppy syndrome, irrespective of the person’s relation with you.

1)Don’t Give A Damn About Others!

Always try to follow the saying, “Live & Let Live”! Never get interested in useless talks or gossips of others. It’s your responsibility to do your duty or craft with utmost sincerity, dedication and after that, if you still find people making baseless comments or criticism then stop giving a thought about them. You, as an individual can’t change what others think or how they project their thoughts. The most or probably the only thing that you can do is to stay on your track and keep your eyes focused on the areas that make your future brighter.

2) Do the Opposite!

Tall Poppy Syndrome is all about pushing others down so that everyone remains at the same level or comfort zone. So, instead of doing such activities, do the opposite of it. Try to have an optimistic outlook and help everyone around you to grow up in some way or the other. If you have achieved a certain level of recognition and respect in your field and you feel that you can help the women around you so that they can get rid of their self- doubt then you must do it. Tall Poppy Syndrome results in the wastage of talent and skills of many great individuals. When you push up others, there’s a great level of satisfaction and feel that makes you look positively even to the haters around you.

3) Have Company of Supportive People

If you stay close to people who give out a negative vibe through their demeaning words or actions, then it’s always better to get rid of them as soon as possible. These individuals with puny thinking, will not grow themselves and not even let the others grow out of their comfort zone.

Even the people who are on the borderline of positivity and negativity should try to be avoided. How to identify such people? Well, they are always doubting you or your dreams, indirectly showcasing their self- doubt to the world. Remember, that their inability to reach their goal shouldn’t affect your ability and skills in any manner.

If you sit down and analyze tall poppy syndrome, then you will come across one observation, that by doing the opposite of what tall poppy is about, you indirectly start getting rid of the issue. In this case, you can opt to be around people who have similar or higher goals/ambitions than yours. This way, at the end of the day, it is a win-win situation for everyone as these guys will be the ones who will help you to succeed and attain an optimistic outlook towards life.

4) Smile

No matter what happens, never stop believing in yourself. You should release you can never cheer u everyone around you. Some individuals will always look down on you. Do not let those mean comments or behaviors change who you are! Smile, it is the best way you can overcome almost anything.

We hope that you now have enough understanding of the tall poppy syndrome and how to conquer it. A lot of people, unknowingly, suffer from this practice and that is why we poured out our views in a form on words here.

Set yourself free from the negative mindset of others and very soon, you will start experiencing growth in different aspects of your life. Stay true to your identity and just keep your eyes determined on the final goal.

In the process of breaking barriers and climbing up the success ladder, try to surround yourself with like-minded people and uplift those who need the support. That’s more than enough!