Do you believe in miracles? Destiny? Or something that is meant to be? Have you ever wondered what a miracle is? It is something which seems impossible but eventuates anyway.

Giving birth to a baby is a beguiling feeling that a woman cannot elucidate in mere words. Every day is filled with happiness. The first time your child opens their eyes, the first smile they give, their first steps, and the first words they spoke, you feel like capturing all these alluring moments.

A miracle happened on 28th April 2017 to a woman named Lucy Hellein. She used a birth control device and still got pregnant. She gave birth to a healthy baby named Dexter on this day. Surprising right?


With technological advancements and our phones always being in our hands, it has now become more accessible for parents to capture their kids’ special moments. So, how can a lucky mother like Lucy let go of this amazing opportunity and not capture this enchanting moment? She clicked some pictures with her baby. Guess what? One picture shared by her on her Instagram went viral as it attracted numerous attention.

There are already many questions occurring related to this news itself but a photograph that her mother uploaded broke huge records.

How can a baby be conceived if she had a birth control device in her? As we mentioned earlier, we crave to capture every moment related to our adorable kids. Lucy clicked photographs of her beautiful baby boy and it received a lot of love due to the captured situation which reflected a true miracle.

In this adorable picture; we can see the baby holding the birth control device in his hand. This image went viral as soon as the news went out. People were questioning this fact to be true or not.

The mother; Lucy Hellien then relieved the truth behind this famous record-breaking news. According to her; she jokingly clicked this picture as an amusement.

Dexter was not born holding the birth control device. It was just for clicking this picture as a beguiling memory but when it went viral; most of the people took this news literally. They thought; this miracle baby was born holding the birth control device in his hand. A case like this is extremely rare. It may happen once in a million cases.

Now, let us go into its details on how a miracle baby holding birth control device was born.

What is a birth control device?

A birth control device or IUD (Intra Uterine device) is one of the most popular birth control devices. This device controls the birth of a baby or disables pregnancy. The efficiency rate of IUD is 99.7%. Rarely women using it would show positive pregnancy.

Once IUD is placed within 7 days of the start of the menstrual period. It proves to be successful. If IUD is removed the process of conception is easy. The average women can conceive between 4 to 6 months after the removal of IUD, whereas 85% to 90% will conceive after 1 year.

The facets related to the birth control device:

Once IUD is removed, the process of conception becomes quick but still, if you don’t want to get pregnant then you must use some other method of birth control.

A kind of IUD is called Mirena is approved to prevent the process of pregnancy for 3 years. In some cases, it works until 5 years. This is the same device that Lucy used. While uploading the picture she mentioned the fact that it is the fall of Mirina! Dexter was born through c- section and weighed 9lbs.

Mirena and the baby holding this birth control device:

The Mirena device was searched by the surgeon in Lucy’s womb during surgery. Mirena is a small plastic device that can be fixed in the womb by a doctor and a nurse. It releases hormones that can stop pregnancy to occur. In the process of hormones released the lining of the womb is thickened and the sperm cannot reach to fertilize the egg.

In rare cases like this one, if the sperm manages to read an egg, the hormones also thin the lining. On the contrary, the correct implantation of Mirina may last up to 5 years and is 99% successful. IUD does not cause miscarriages after they have been removed. Sometimes IUD might be out of place. It can come out partially. It may fall out but it needs to remove and in misplace condition will not prevent pregnancy.

The major concern of IUD is that it will improve a female’s sexual health. But sometimes women are also concerned about if IUD falls out, what will be the consequences? There are some risks of IUD falling out and it may occur during the first 3 months of use. Usually, it comes out during a women’s monthly periods. If one feels the string, then it is at the right place otherwise it has moved from its place and may cause unexpected conception.

There are certain risk factors for IUD expulsion. The reasons for fall out of IUDs are unknown and the chances are very low. Such as 0.2% to 0.4%.

One more thing that matters how heavy is the flow of your monthly periods is. Women with a heavier menstrual flow are at risk of IUD falling out. An IUD falling out of your vagina isn’t only risky but it can move or get misplaced within the body.

When you feel inconvenience with the IUD, listen to the response of your body and symptoms which you find. You can take the help of the doctor or health care provider.

You can never stop something that is meant to be. No matter how effective a device be, it will fail if a blessing is on its way. Though Lucy got pregnant after having the birth control device, still she feels grateful to give birth to a healthy baby. She considers Dexter an alluring blessing.