People with troubled skin are all around the place trying out new products yet; many have no idea how the stuff works.  We are always looking for clean, natural, and super beneficial products which are easy on our purses everywhere, literally! What are we trying to achieve here? You guessed right, a flawless, dewy, and trouble-free skin. And ladies can climb high mountains and dive into deep valleys to get that look.

What about people who already have flawless skin? They don’t need such hard work. You are wrong – even people with great skin need proper maintenance to keep up with their looks. The same goes for the men they shouldn’t ignore too. Let’s ask real questions – do we need to hoard on tons of products, when we have awesome natural ingredients in our houses? Yes! You have, they are sitting on your kitchen shelves for years. Here are seven kitchen ingredients you can use to achieve a flawless look.


Rice has gained super popularity after Korean beauty took over the world. And why not? Several real examples are showing how rice works miracles on the face, hair, and overall body. Rice mainly consists of carbs and fibers – carbs are rich in amino acids which provide antioxidant properties to the skin. Plus, it helps in maintaining skin hydration, texture, and resilience.


Rice is also rich in Manganese, Selenium, Thiamin, Niacin, and Magnesium, which has anti-ageing properties.  Rice can work wonders for every skin type. You use rice powder as a scrub and mask. It will act as an exfoliator and remove impurities and dead skin. Rice water is a great toner; applying it will help you get tighter and firm skin.


We know the health benefits of drinking wine and off course, the enjoyment of the whole process. But have you heard about wine facials, manicures, and pedicures? Yes, they do exist. Wine contains potent stuff like resveratrol and tannin, which will fight signs of aging. The active ingredients will restore collagen and elastin to your face – it is known both the elements are essential to keep skin young.


People suffering from acne and breakouts wine might be “the” solution for you – As it contains high anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties. Just soak a cotton ball in wine, apply to your face and wash off after 15-20 mins. You can also use pomegranate wine, plum wine or any fruit wine for your facial.


Lemon is god gifted fruit, which is saving skin from troubles since old age. Drinking lemon juice enough will bring back goddess glow to your face, and many experts swear by it. Lemon contains a high amount of vitamin C, and any skincare fanatic knows its importance. This citrusy potion will tackle acne, blemishes, pimples, pigmentation, and dark spots.


Lemon water has natural toning abilities that will help reduce pores, lower sebum secretion, and fight radical damage. You can involve lemon water as a toner in your skincare. Lemon and sugar make great scrub; you can apply it to your whole body as lemon has a high content of Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHA), which will act as a natural exfoliant. Concentrated juice works great for spot treatments. Be careful if you use excessively concentrated juice; it can cause burns for sensitive skin.


Ice would be the simplest kitchen ingredient you can have in your skincare routine. Just pop out the freezer and apply it on the face, watch the magic unfold. Rubbing ice cubes on your face will improve blood circulation on your face. The influx of blood will alleviate the redness of the skin, calm down your skin layers, and you will find a nice pump to your face.


Also, it is great for cystic acne and large pimples; ice will calm the inflammation and may shrink the size of it. Icing will help in absorbing products like serums, essence, and creams into your skin. If you crave to get fancy, you can add rose water, aloe vera, or potato juice in an ice maker. Various ice cubes will provide you with numerous effects like potato juice will lighten skin; aloe vera will fight acne etc.

5.Green Tea

Drinking green tea will give you many health benefits. And if you stay healthy, your skin will glow flawlessly. Green tea has super-powerful antioxidants which can fight UV rays damage on the skin and can also tackle with DNA damage. Green tea contains anti-inflammatory agents like catechins and polyphenols, which will reduce irritation, swelling, and redness on the skin.

Green powder

Apart from drinking, you can apply green tea on your face, yes! You can use a powder mix or remaining green tea bag very easily. Applying on the face will help in unclogging pores, fight infection, and reduce acne; the list goes on! You can apply tea bags under your eyes every day to depuff baggy and puffy eyes. Green tea is a real all-rounder kitchen ingredient you can’t miss.


Sugar nowadays has got a bad reputation for its health hazards, and everyone is raving about why it is a no-no for you. We get it; too much of certain things are bad for health. While it is a straight no for a high sugar diet in your everyday life, yet sugar has its benefits. Sugar has always been a natural scrub for ages.


Sugar contains glycolic acid, which as an AHA – we know how good are natural acids for flawless skin. Glycolic acids help peel the skin removing all dead debris on the face. The result is the younger and healthier looking face. Sugar is also a natural humectant that makes it an excellent moisturizer.  While using it as a scrub sugar will not strip you away from natural skin oil and make your face dry.


Ancient people used honey for medicinal properties, and it is as popular as ever food. Honey is an essential part of skincare in the past, in today’s age, and will be in the future too. The enzymes present in honey are super beneficial for your skin.  If you are suffering from acne, psoriasis, and eczema, honey might help you fight these conditions. Raw honey has robust antiseptic properties, which helps kill acne bacteria.


Honey will heal your skin, alleviating the effects of eczema conditions. You can apply honey as a spot treatment or as a mask to get glowing skin. As honey is a natural exfoliant, it will lighten and brighten your skin. The good bacteria will help combat psoriasis.

We know how you are staring at your kitchen shelf. In conclusion, there are tons of kitchen ingredients that help you get flawless skin at any time. The advantage is you will get natural, clean, non-expensive, and simple ingredients easily. Many people swear by these ingredients, and it will definitely work for you too.