Marketing of the products or services through mobile apps or any other digital mediums is considered as Digital Marketing. There is a system based digital marketing channel on the internet that can create, accelerate and transmit product values from producer to consumers with the help of digital marketing networks. Instead of print ads and phone communication, digital marketing comes up with digital technologies that include a chance to get creative and experimental with several types of marketing strategies within a budget. There are some existing digital marketing trends such as Chatbots, Voice research, and Video marketing which are also equally effective at present. But with the evolving digital marketing trends, you have to update your strategies to make your brand stands high.

20 Best Proven Digital Marketing Strategies For 2020

Here we talk about the top 10 Digital Marketing trends that you must follow in order to engage your customers with your brand through digital networks.

1.Social Influencer Marketing

Social media influencers can be big celebrities or ‘internet celebs’ having a large number of followers. Nowadays companies are taking help from social media influencers to reach their targeted customers. Most of the common people trust the voice of their favorite celebrities so that it works more effectively than corporate advertising. Stars from YouTube, Instagram, Tik Tok are getting the leverage of social media influencers for their millions of followers. Also, the ad spending for influencer marketing indicates a high prospect of this digital marketing trends.

2.Streaming Video Ads

As it is said that video marketing is an existing trend it will stay there in 2020 also. Digital budgets increased 25 percent over a year. Advisers are likely to focus on the area where customers are spending their time. It is reported that 78 percent of the digital video viewers watch advertising in exchange for free content.  In the case of educational videos, the online video viewers attentively watch both the contents and ads. Live videos on Facebook live and Instagram live have a higher chance to be watched rather than the videos that are not live.

3.Direct Messaging

Digital marketing is going to be one of the greatest digital marketing trends in 2020. To be more attached to the clients’ companies are taking conversations to Direct messages. Taking help of messaging apps like WhatsApp and Facebook messenger or private messages on Instagram or Twitter, it is easy to build up a strong connection with the customers. You can share your handle or username and offer an exclusive deal or coupon code in such a way that your customers are already accustomed to it.

4.Emerging Advanced Techniques

The way consumers are engaging with adds is going to be changed in the upcoming years because of the advancedtech rising. 5G technology will transform how customers access and use the contents. AI tech advancement for content will increase personalization in digital video. Voice search will improve the accuracy as well as connected TVs increase product placement with streaming videos.

5.Interactive Contents                        

People are looking for more engaging contents online. In this year companies are focusing on the online content as per the customer’s choice. At this present time, people are more likely to have shoppable posts, 360-degree videos, quizzes and poles for better interactions.

6.Social Media Story

Nowadays the concept of “My Story” in Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube are becoming the hottest trend that has actually started from Snapchat. Tik Tok videos are also emerging because of their less polished and realistic background.  The use of hashtags for location and events leads the user traffic to the destination to learn more. As these stories disappear after a certain period of time the marketers make good use of the FOMO. These stories are very useful to be connected with the followers constantly and speed up brand awareness. With a view to reach out to the younger audiences, most of the marketers are using this cost-effective solution. It also increases traffic to your webpage which helps to get your brand discovered locally.

7.Content Experiences Matter

Content experience” includes both the content and context together. The designs, placement, and environment play a big role to convey the experiences—both good and bad. Like a popular potato chips company is printing the lower half of faces of some social media influencers that is fun and making people complete the upper half with their own faces.  It is about addressing the whole user experiences when engaging with the content. In this case, the marketers have all the controls in their hands and can focus on the brand experience as well. This is how social media story is taking a considerable place for digital marketing strategy in 2020.

8.Micro-Moments Are In The Frame

People who make an instant decision for food and restaurants, places and clothes micro-moments are for them. It is the moment when we turn on a smartphone or any other device to search for whatever we need now. It allows the marketers to show all the relevant ads to the right people at the right time. Presently people see, think and talk about something and then learn about it, watch it or buy it all at an instant. If you can identify the ‘have to buy’ moments of the customers it is the best chance to advertise your products and make it easier for them to purchase instantly.

9.Go With Sentiments

 Sentiment analyzing is something that helps to examine the reaction of the customers for a particular product or service online. It includes data collecting tools and algorithms to look over the social media responses to your brand and evaluate them. Though sentiment analyzing is there for years but with the advanced technologies, it becomes popular ever than before.

10.Smart And Interactive Emails

It is time to say bye to plain-text emails and newsletters for digital marketing.  Digital marketers are reviving emails in a gorgeous and pixel-perfect way that seems the part of a web designer’s portfolio. These highly polished emails improve the chances of conversation due to the clickable buttons and other various interacting facilities.


Now that you are aware of the right facts, you can begin the work with these excellent strategies and move further to hire professionals to handle your digital marketing section. If you are not interested in hiring professionals you can also take an digital marketing online course and do the works yourself.

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