In the words of a great philosopher, “My Hijab is my dignity, my respect, and my honour and I will never ever trade it for this temporary world. All praises be to Allah who guided me to wear Hijab for Hijab is not about oppression but freedom from evil eyes.

The Hijab, for the women of the Muslim community in India and the world as well is not just a piece of cloth hiding away mysteries written on their faces. Hijab is an expression of identity, self-confidence, glory and modesty. Apart from this Hijab is a growing brand of the Islamic fashion industry as well.Here we’ll give emphasis to some of the top Arabic hijab styles of wearing it confidently and as boldly as a queen.

Top Arabic Hijab styles to wear it properly are:

1.     Bridal Pinned Hijab Style

The Arabic Bridal Hijab Style is an exceptional style of wearing a beautiful piece of cloth in a very modest and adorable way ever. The bridal hijabs come with very intricate embroidery in silk, pashmina, net or chiffon clothing. They portray the best of craftsmen ship. Bridal Hijabs come in extra attractive and vibrant colours which give the woman an extravagant look.

Drape the bridal scarf over your head with the embroidery side of the cloth on the forehead side. Pin-up both the sides of the cloth under the chin. Flip both the ends to either side of the shoulder. Spread the ends of the scarf so that they cover the chest portion of your body and give yourself the perfect look. Glam up your look while respecting your culture and tradition.

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2.     Diva Style Hijab

Ever wondered if your Hijab could give you the look of a diva? Yes, even the simplest of Hijab can dominate much famous style statements just by the way you drape it around yourself.

All you have to do is to take a long rectangular scarf and wrap it over and around your head. Throw one end of the scarf to the opposite side of the shoulder. Here you go, diva. This simple and casual style of wearing the Hijab will give you that perfect look you’ve always wished for.

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3.     High-End Long Hijab Style

Arabic fashion never leaves its traditions and cultures behind. Still, also it never compromises with advancing with the changing fashion technology. The high-end glamorous Hijab can give a tough competition to many fashion statements around the world. Drape a very long rectangular scarf over and around your head. Keep both the sides equally long and then casually wrap it around the head, covering the forehead. Now, spread one corner of the scarf around your chest and pin the rest as you do. Rest will be the glory you throw off with this fashionable Hijab.

Blue hijab

4.     Glammed Up Hijab Style

Hijab has become an absolute fashion statement along with its roots deepened into the glory of the Muslim culture. Muslim women have been advancing in terms of fashion by glamming up the Hijab looks as well. If the festive season is around the corner or if there is an upcoming party. Put the Hijab in the same way as you drape it every day. Just keep it a little loose near the neck portion. Insert funky or modern jewellery (necklace/chain/ choker etc ) and you’ll rock the look with lots of shine and sparkle.

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5.     Traditional Style Hijab

If you are attached to your roots and don’t want to compromise with it and still want to look as modern and beautiful as you can then Traditional Style Hijab is all set to doll you up.A traditional Hijab can be used every day as it is very comfortable. In spite of the intricate stonework and exquisite Resham work in it. All you have to do is to drape a long rectangular scarf over and around your head. Simply pin it up and spread both the ends to either side of the shoulder, keep in check that both the sides are long enough to cover the chest portion of your body.

Black hijab

6.     Gown Hijab Style

Gowns make you look like a princess and hijabs can multiply up the glory of your attire if you doll up yourself with a pretty Hijab in gown style.  A gown with a Hijab gives a proper royal look which every woman deserves. Rather than going to the traditional way of draping a cloth over your head, wear it like a turban and give it many upper folds until you pin up the last end to the first end under the turban. Choose the same colour turban as that of your gown and doll up yourself with accessories like earrings and choker. The turban will give you the perfect fairy tale look.

Academic dress

7.     Hijab Style For Saree

Sari has become global attire, starting right from Asia to Africa, women of all the continents love to drape sari around them after all it gives such a royal look. Go for a rectangular scarf that matches exactly with your sari or the broad borders of your sari so that it does create a lot of contrast and avoids looking odd. Tie up the rectangular scarf in a simple way with a side pin-up and put either a hairband or headdress to complete the traditional look.

Traditional hijab

8.     Traditional Arabic Style Hijab

When we finally come to the traditional Arabic Hijab style of wearing the Hijab, the bigger and grander the Hijab, the better it looks.  Arab women love to drape themselves in scarf’s as bigger as possible and as many times as it can be draped to give the Hijab as better look as possible.

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Some Last Words

Here we told you eight amazing and totally gorgeous ways in which you can wear the pride of a Muslim woman, The Hijab. Now choose from the above Arabic hijab styles of wearing it properly and confidently. Shine and sparkle more than ever with these exquisite styles.