Human multitasking is evidently the ability of humans to perform many tasks or activities, at the same time. Multitasking might give an image like a great way to deal with ample of things at once. In simpler words, getting a lot done within a very short time. It has its own advantages and disadvantages. It gives a positive or negative influence on the performance of one who drives depending on his or her productivity, the ability to be effective and organised. The article tries to determine the association and interaction between driving circumstances, factors and cognitive and other mental requirements and preparation for secondary tasks that are undertaken by the driver.

While driving, using a gadget impacts the driver in the worst. Also, in the most dangerous, manner. While passively listening to soothing music leads to great driving performance and desired output. Activities like answering questions for a quiz (in radio), too allowed to have the best driving performance.


There is a common belief that driving cannot be combined with secondary tasks without impacting the driving performance. But the impact is up to the listener or doer. And the Top 8 ways to do smart multitasking while driving are:

1.Waiting time

2.Selecting the right choices

3.Planning in advance


5.avoiding manual control

6.Being disciplined

7.Prioritizing driving

8.Checking sound

Top 8 ways to do smart multitasking while driving

When two or a main and secondary task demands an equal amount of perceptual and cognitive input and resources within the specific time frame, the activities are said to overlap with an association to that resource. The overlap in input or resource usage between competing and concurrently performed tasks always leads to contention for the input resources.

When one individual does multitask, his or her brain is compelled to divide its concentration between all of the many tasks that one is performing. It forces the brain to make various and many parts of our brain function, in order to split or divert its attention in order to properly perform our tasks. At last, our attention span is gradually reducing.

Woman driving

In the same manner, our brain is constantly working and simultaneously and continuously receiving and processing data or information when one is conducting a task. Multitasking changes the quantity of concentration that is given as input for these processes, causing data or information to be lost or inserted into the brain’s short-term memory region, causing them to be forgotten. Thus, to avoid all these, employ the following easy methods to perform smart multitasking while driving:

1. Waiting time

The most irritating part of any one’s life is the time one spares for waiting in which he/she has to do something important.  And the wait for traffic to clear or a signal claiming one to go, demand the pinnacle of the patience of any individual. For people who wish to be productive, efficient with multitasking, it’s a great time to set on fire and accomplish their immediate needs. For instance, like having a beverage that brisks one or sorting out the works for the day.

2. Selecting the right choices

The problem for one to not be able to be an expert with multitasking dawns when one can’t choose what can be done at the moment. It’s never advisable to text and drive but advised to deal with anything urgent by doing the work when one gets a small gap or couple of moments. Thus, smart multitasking is executed when one opts for the right thing that can be done with maximum dedication at a given time limit.

3. Planning in advance

Driving involves tackling so much unpredictable factors like bridge construction and repair works, road repair works, signals, etc. So, before one takes the driving seat, it is advisable for him/her to plan small yet need – to- be- completed tasks that can be done if there are any unanticipated moments like these.

Waiting till called for such a situation and then planning what to do literally wastes a lot of time. Keeping in mind, the famous proverb, “the early bird catches the worm”, we must plan and effectively use the time available in driving.

4. Rejuvenation

Driving is more of a monotonous repetitive activity. It can tire one physically and mentally too, especially if it was a long trip. At times like these, smart multitasking gets you, your lost energy and is sure to refresh you and brisken yourself. Especially music can be a great booster. Thus, multitasking can prove to be a stress buster, too.

5. Being disciplined

Effective and smart multitasking always adds to productivity and never to a disaster or risk.  With indiscipline, non-required problems arise easily. For example, it is advisable to listen to music while driving. But concentrating only on increasing and decreasing volume, changing tracks can deviate the concentration from the main activity of driving. Such a distraction can lead to a severe impact on oneself as well as others.

6. Prioritizing driving 

One must remember that the main task is driving. Moreover, the other works are just subordinate ones and not the major task. If this realisation dawned upon all, multitasking becomes smooth and no more a tough nut to crack.

7. Avoiding manual control

Works involving manual control apart from driving are the biggest distractions while driving. Thus, it is advisable to avoid works that involve manual control like texting, calling, etc. during driving.

8. Checking sound

Works that involve too much sound can resist sound from outside reaching the driver’s ears. Also, there is a loss of concentration about what’s happening around. Thus, activities involving loud sound like a high volume of songs naturally have a counterproductive effect.

Some Last Words

The capacity to completely focus on whatever one is working on is the most important component for anyone’s success. As these words emphasise, “A successful man is just a focused average man “. Multitasking splits focus. Thus, it is up to one to prioritise what is essential for them and be smart and wise enough while doing multitasking.