Periods also known as chums or menses, is a sign of healthy growth for every girl. While a girl experiences puberty, there are many types of changes that takes place whether physical, hormonal or in terms of thoughts and beliefs. Periods is one of them. When you start to menstruate, there are several problems you need to tackle like mood swings and cramps. The main problem is the period cramps. It is something very painful and the bitter part is you have to bear it. Above all, if you are at school then God save you. To make it a little less miserable, here are seven ways of how to deal with period cramps at school.


Seven ways to Know How To deal with period cramps at school

Periods generally starts at the age of thirteen for most of the girls. It is not the exact age, there might be girls who start menstruating at the age of twelve and there might be girls who start at the age of fifteen. You can take an estimation that periods start after two or three years of breast development. Depending on the hormonal changes, every girl starts to menstruate a little later or sooner. However, when it starts, there is nothing to worry about, you should be happy as it is very common and shows that you are growing in a healthy manner.

1. Carry dark chocolate:

Chocolate is a mood changer anyway. Even if we are a little stressed, we search and crave for dark chocolates. The reason is that it helps in the release of endorphins in our body which helps us with our mood. Except for that, dark chocolate also has certain minerals like magnesium which gives you pain relief. It helps you to cope in a much better way with those painful cramps.

2. Eat green vegetables:

Green vegetables are rich in rich in vitamins, especially vitamin E. Having food rich in vitamin E, like green leafy vegetables or nuts or either taking tablets of vitamin E will help as it reduces the blood loss and also gives a relaxation from the pain.

3. Eat light and less spicy food:

Avoid eating salty and spicy food when you are suffering from period cramps. Even if your in a mood which is making you crave for spicy and oily food then just remind yourself of the pain that will increase indeed. Salt does no good to you so try to have non spicy food and gallons of water to keep yourself away from the pain.

4. Count on hot water:

Heat is the reason why hot water is preferred. Hot water is something that helps you deal with the pain. It might seem temporary but it helps you fight your pain equivalent to what other medicines or drugs would have done. Drinking hot fluids also helps in getting an answer to how to deal with period cramps at school. Above all, keep a hot water bag at your lower stomach also gives you a hell of a relief.

5. Don’t stay still for long:

During periods, it might seem that sitting still at a place or doing less physical work will reduce your pain or rather will give you a relief from period cramps. But darling, it is the opposite. Doing a little bit of exercise or yoga and if not, all just having a light walk will make you feel better. It helps you release the reds a little more easily. Also, sitting at one place might be irritating to some, so it also helps you from cursing your periods.

6. Iron intake:

Boost your iron intake. During periods, blood is released from your body. Along with blood reduction, it also leads to reduction of minerals in the body, especially iron. Having iron supplements is also a good option or try having food rich in iron. Even if you are not that much in pain, take this point a little seriously. In the long run, problems might occur like you might get anemic. As always, prevention should be the first choice. So, increase your iron intake.

7. Have medicine:

If the case is very serious, like the pain is unbearable, take medicine like any painkiller maybe paracetamol. If you observe that your cramps are very painful and consistent every month, you can also try taking painkillers before your pain actually starts. It also makes sense that if at the end you have to take a medicine then why to suffer. If you know that every month the same pattern is observed, don’t be harsh to yourself and take medicine beforehand.

Some Other Ways To Handle Menstruation Problems In General

Always remember, menstruation is important for each and every female on this planet. If you are not getting periods, consult a good gynecologist. You can also try going for yoga and exercises. There are many doctors who suggest to try getting your periods by natural means. They are with no intention to give you hormonal pills or any such things. Always remember, if you are taking pills and getting a period, that is not really a period and you should look for a permanent solution to this problem. There could be many reasons for not having regular periods like taking a lot of stress, having hormonal imbalance or maybe pregnancy. The most common reason nowadays is PCOD which stands for polycystic ovarian syndrome. Try getting a checkup and clear all your doubts and do the needful.


Some Final words

The above-mentioned ways will always help you with your doubts on how to deal with period cramps at school. There are several other problems like the fear and embarrassment of spots on your light-colored dress. But don’t worry, menstruation is no more a taboo in today’s world. Everyone understands and everyone is ready to give you your personal space. Just take care of your health and keep a count on minerals intake. Observe the changes in your body, take the hints which your hormonal changes are giving to the body. Work according to those signals. Take care!