Life is a mistake without music. These words certainly emphasize the impact, importance and inevitability of music in the life of individuals. Dopamine, the happiness hormone is released in the brain as one is listening to music and so it makes one feel so relaxed and cheerful. Also, the joy is high and increases when one is listening to a song especially what he or she likes. This effect of music established a strong and inevitable connection between music and driving. And people expect that today’s sound systems are sounding like an orchestra.

Listening to music

People today look into several aspects that can influence the quality of music, from the position and size of the speakers to the layout, size and location of the passenger compartment, and of course, movement. While one can find music to be a stress buster, joy booster, it is important to note that due care is essential while driving and listening to music. And so, these are the top 8 key points to consider while listening to music and driving.

  1. Loud music
  2. Distraction by favourites
  3. Planning in advance
  4. Negligence of the environment
  5. Avoid imagery providers
  6. No to accessories
  7. Avoid manual operating
  8. Prioritising driving

Top 8 Key Points To Consider While Listening To Music And Driving

Out of all the other activities in which one may do while driving, listening to music is the most widely done because of the soothing effect of music. Studies have analyzed the population and come up with the result that at least 90% of people driving, desire to listen to some or other form of music while they drive.

Commuters cannot also be blamed– as people love listening to music while they drive especially in situations like high-traffic as it reduces their stress levels and boredom, and eases the anxiety that dawns on them due to the chaos and confusion in the congested roads.


Also, melodies, gentle music and soft background music are all known to increase concentration and makes the drivers feel less monotonous and repetitive of the same task of driving done for a long time. And so, music can be beneficial when you’re driving.

But, the problem comes when people are too much into music and not prioritising driving. Hence, the top 8 points to consider while listening to music and driving are:

1.Loud Music

Listening to music while driving can make people effective. The effect of music upon us can be good, the best or even beneficial, and be supportive of our driving. But listening to music than the desired volume while a be evidently distracting.

A study was conducted by scientists (from Newfoundland’s Memorial University). It estimated that reaction or response time slows down or reduces as much as 20% when one is exposed to loud music. The standard sound or benchmark is at 95 decibels. Teen drivers and amateurs at a young age play loud music when they’re driving and enjoy music than involving in safe and secure driving.

2.Distraction By Favourites

Music love in some people is so high that they enjoy it to the fullest and express it disregarding what they were previously doing. And if the music in one of the favourites of them, it is highly distracting.

This is because, at that point, people tend to concentrate on the music than the traffic, directions and road, leading to a number of risky situations.

It is not proclaimed that one should never listen to music one loves the most and enjoys. But at the same time, it is advisable and highly essential to keep in mind the amount of negative impact. The potential for distraction when hearing one’s favourite track is also considerable.

3.Planning In Advance

Music while driving is also like, “too much of a good thing can be hazardous”. Though it might be soulful, rendering peace and harmony to mind, while we are insisting upon changing tracks or searching for a favourite tune if ours, we might be off the track of driving and be involved in music. It is inadvisable as it causes accidents and so one must plan in advance for the tracks,  tunes and be ready to drive safely with good ambience.

4.Negligence Of The Environment 

While music can make one product, yet the surrounding traffic sounds, heavy traffic, congested roads, tempts one to stream loud music. But he or she forgets to remember that loud music stops the changes in the environment from reaching driver’s ears like the sound of horns.

Thus, one must consider something music that is soothing.

Classical music can help improve mood and productivity. And thus one must avoid neglecting environment and so rather go for good choices.

5.Avoiding Imagery Providers

Few people opt for songs while few go with background themes for their music time. But few people listen to podcasts or some forms of speech. But the fact is that podcasts like those of sports or broadcasts force one to transform into another world mentally. These kinds of content recruit the brain’s visual parts that corrupt one imagery and deviates them from driving.

6.No To Accessories

Headphones, and other equipment like these and earbuds, AirPods can block the sound from surrounding like sirens and horns from reaching the ears of drivers. Thus, it becomes unsafe to drive with these equipments.  Thus, one ‘s ears must be free and not blocked in any form.

7.Avoid Manual Operating

While listening to music, people who manually change the tracks to their favourites and constantly raise and lower volume, lose track of driving and this manual operation makes them concentrate on that than on driving.

8.Prioritizing Driving

Its must remember that the main task is driving. While the other works like listening music are just subordinate ones and not the major task. If this realisation dawned upon all, listening to music becomes smooth and so ordinary and no more a tough nut to crack or hazardous.

Some Last Words

The major aspects that make songs the best companion during driving are rhythm, harmonics, structure, lyrics and chorus.