The New Year is just a step away. You don’t want to let this beguiling opportunity slide, are you?  If you are always excited about the winter season and adore it, then reading this blog will be one of the best decisions you took this year.


As a working- woman, it surely is hectic to manage your job in a freezing office. Guess what? We have the perfect solution to your problem of how to stay warm in a cold office! So, wake up the shopaholic in you! These winter hacks include a perfect blend of amazing winter accessories and natural remedies.

We are going to share the secret doorway of the best ethereal winter hacks just for you!

“Winter is Coming” Oops!! The Game of Thrones reference! It does make all of us feel down as the series ended this year. But, let’s cheer us up instead! Here, these lines mean the brightest side of the cold season.

If you want to know how to stay warm in a cold office, then practice the following hacks to keep yourself warm:

USB Coffee warming device:

In winter, try to drink warm coffee or tea most of the time. I know that might be difficult for you, especially when you are in an office because nobody will be providing you with a warm coffee every time. But here’s a solution to that too, you can buy yourself a USB coffee warmer. These devices connect to your computer and keep your coffee warm by using the electricity from your computer. Hail Technology!

A mouse with a built-in heater:

You might be aware of the process of conduction, yes here’s a fundamental physics to it. Nowadays, the mouse with an in-built heater is available in the market. What this mouse can do is keep your fingers warm while you use them. The heat from your fingers flows to your whole body by the process of conduction, thus keeping your hand warm.

A foot warmer to keep your legs warm:

A portable foot warmer is available nowadays, which by the process of conduction, helps you keep your body warm.

Have a heater in your office:

For some of you, it might be challenging to have a heater installed in your office, but still, you can have a portable heater always with you. This will not only cost you less but will also help you stay warm while you are working in the office.

A heating blanket can be a solution too:

You should prefer going for this option when it is too cold outside. In such cases, a regular blanket won’t do well, you will require a heating blanket. This blanket uses electricity to produce heat to warm up your body.

Have a pair of gloved with finger cut on your office desk:

Our hand shivers a lot on a cold morning, and it gets difficult to write or type something on the keyboard. To keep your hands working, you need to warm them, and a pair of gloves with finger cut will help you overcome such a situation.

The above were the hacks using winter accessories which you can easily buy. Read further, if you want to know how to stay warm in a cold office using convenient natural remedies.

Have a heavy breakfast:

This is one of the best ways if we talk about how to stay warm in a cold office. Everybody has to go to work early morning, and they might end up skipping the meal and missing some part of it. But do you know the more you eat, the more you stay warm? This tip works both for men and women. Eating a heavy meal in the breakfast keeps your digestive system working, which will help you stay warm for an extended time.

Have a ginger tea when feeling cold:

Ginger shows thermogenic properties, which means it boosts the metabolism of a person. So, whenever you are feeling cold, have a cup of ginger tea, and bid farewell to the shivering.

Practice Yoga:

There’s this ancient yogasan known as Pranayam, which means breath of fire. This yogasan involves exhaling and inhaling of breath into small fragments, allowing heat to enter into your body.

Vitamin C Intake:

A group of scientists did research and proved that vitamin C is known for keeping your body warm. You should always have some citrus fruits or food rich in vitamin C by your desk so that whenever you are cold, you can eat it. This will keep you warm for a longer period.

Increase your melatonin production:

Melatonin is a sleep hormone and is only produced when your body is not exposed to light for a long period of time. But there’s a second case too, some food items like pineapple, almonds, tomatoes, oranges, and barley help boost up the melatonin production in your body.

Try exercising and cardio:

Women mostly like to stay fit and in shape and what can be best than doing exercise and the cardio session when it comes to fitness. Adding exercising and cardio session to your daily routine will help you stay warm. Cardio is the session of exercise, which involves too much sweating. It is best for weight loss also, as it keeps your body in a continued metabolic state. Hence, your body will start burning calories due to which heat will be produced.

Sleep early:

It is a proven method if you want to stay warm. The more the sleep hormone melatonin, the warmer your body will stay. If you want your body to produce more melatonin than you need to sleep early. Melatonin is only produced when you are not exposed to light. Being awake for too long or staying in a room with bright light leads to less production of melatonin.

We aspire to help your cold winter office experience turn into a warmer and cozy one.