Hair is a protein follicle that is a characteristic feature of humans and other mammals. It defines the overall growth of an individual. An individual’s hair is the most important and highly noticeable part of anyone’s beauty. It enhances as well speaks of an individual’s personality. It’s an integral and inevitable part of our appearance and it also sets the tone and rhythm for the entire look in all stages of life. A day with bad hair can be claimed as a bad day. Hence, hair is so vital in our lives and so do its maintenance. And, one of the most important tools that help in maintaining the beauty of hair is the hairdryer. Portable hood hairdryers are one of the best option to choose

Dryers help in drying wet hair. But, apart from this common usage, they also serve multiple other uses too. Blowing is also a preparatory step that helps in moulding hair into a style we desire. It plays a major and inevitable role in every haircut service that is provided today in this modern world. It has become grown so profound roots in the fashion industry as it is highly effective in draining the moisture from hair, making hair less frizzy. Above all,  it helps in creating a good overall and natural tone, body and shape to any style we prefer.

Hair drying

The two major hair dryers prevailing today are the handheld dryer and the hood dryer. A hood dryer is the one that has a rigid plastic dome that can fit over a person’s head.  It dries their hair. The dome has minute tiny openings inside the dome from which hot air is blown so that hair is dried evenly without any unevenness. Hair salons employ hood dryers. Here is a comprehensive Guide To  Portable hood hairdryers.

What are portable hood hairdryers?

A portable hairdryer with hood is one of the two major classes of dryers which has its body as a large appliance. The appliance is similar to that of a tall stand that holds a big hood shape like structure at the top.  The hood has vented chambers or tiny small openings that blow out hot (or cold air). Portable hood hairdryer refers to the one that is mobile and can be moved from one place to another without much difficulty. We should sit under a hooded dryer, placing our wet or damp hair underneath the hood and let the hair to dry off.

 Originally, it found its high use in the period of the 1950s, but it’s now a most sought after choice and is enjoying a reinvention, presently. The major benefit that makes it outshine other dryers is that it doesn’t require much of manual work. Once it is set, just sitting underneath the hood and waiting for the damp hair to dry is enough. Your wrist aches no more! Also, no more hard work is required in setting your body in the required direction to reach the hair in the back head! No more, you need to use awkward brushes!

Top 7 Features of Portable Hood Hair Dryers To Look For

Each modern man thriving today accesses yesterday’s luxuries as they become today’s needs. Dryers, especially portable hairdryers with hood are also no exception to it. Most homes try to procure one due to the individual’s increasing concern on his or her hairstyles, setting, tone, body and shape of the hair. But before swiping the ATM to buy one, one must pause for a minute! It is because the value of money must be considered. The right one at the suggested budget must be selected. Here are the Top 7 Features of Portable Hood Hairdryers To Look For:

1.      Ionic Technology

Shine, glow, setting are the most required factors for all users. The dryers with ionic technology can offer this. It is due to the ionic technology, which banishes the positive ions in the atmosphere which thus offers it an ability to lock hydration into the hair. Thus, moisturization is done. Moisturisation ensures the desired polished, smooth and dazzling hair.

2.      Heat Settings

Variable heat settings must be ensured. It is highly important and inevitability needed as the heat must be adjusted according to the hair type of the individual. Fine or damaged hair requires low temperature or less heat while thicker, and coarse hair requires greater heat and temperature. Settings of heat must allow this.

3.      Timer Settings

Along with the heat, time of drying, the setting of damp or moist hair varies from person to person. Thus, a persistent need is there to check how much time, a person should use the portable hood hairdryer. A hood dryer must thus ensure a timing that allows the setting of time. People with hair full of rollers or said as the hair of medium and optimum thickness and medium length should use only up to a maximum time period of 20 minutes to 25 minutes to dry.  Thus, such people have to set the timer for 15 minutes check if their hair dried and if not, can use again. Thus, an option to set timer is essential.

4.      Shot Setting

A cool shot setting is also highly essential. It will be greatly helpful if it could operate at the endpoint of time set and locks the hair curls in place or sets it. The setting can be helpful for people who require a proper shape, tone and body to hair.

5.      Rollers

Few portable hooded hair dryers are made with a certain number of sets of rollers. If a beginner wants to use hood hair dryers, the one with rollers is the best best. It can be a great beginner’s choice to get acquainted with.

6.      Variable Speeds

Fine and naturally smooth hair requires gentle dry and doesn’t really require a rapid blast of air. Thus, fine hair ought to be dried gently and carefully, while some more additional care is required for damaged or broken hair. Hence, speed decides blast at which heat is released which is essential for using it for different hairstyles.

7.      Height Adjustment

The height adjustment is yet another major consideration that must be kept in mind when one opts to buy professional and portable hood hair dryers. A tall person with low height or a short person with greater heights is not desired. Though adjustable chairs are available, the height adjustment lever is a great and key feature to be considered.

Instructions To Use Portable Hood Hair Dryers Like A Pro

One must have patience and spare their time to fix the dryer and let it work at its best and do the magical transformation of the hair. The step by step guide involves washing hair, drying externally with a towel, applying heat protecting spray and sectioning or splitting hair. Then, hair should be rolled into the right size rollers and rollers must be pinned to head. The dryer must be turned on and timer and temperature must be adjusted. We sit underneath the hood, and drying occurs until timer beeps. The dryer is switched off once you are done.

Some Last Words

There are so many benefits(like the aforementioned ) in owning a portable hairdrying bonnet that is hooded. We grow a bit closer to the standard and high-quality finish that we expect, even from home too! Portable hairdrying bonnet makes it possible if we knew it’s right handling and usage.