Nails, the envelope that is surface cover for tips of fingers and toes, reflect an individual’s overall health. Hence, proper nail care is absolutely important. To have great looking nails, and provide basic care to the nails, and maintain them healthy, there are ample of ways. Pedicure tops the list of these ways that ensure nail health. By moisturising the skin, preventing blisters and cracks, and removing dirt, pedicure helps in offering healthy nails. But few people literally suffer from pain. This pain is due to the toe separator. Also, walking around while the toes take time to dry, is also not so pleasant at times. Hence, for people for whom not having beautiful nails is a weakness, but still, feel pedicure is unpleasant, a jamberry pedicure at home comes to the rescue!

Jamberry pedicure is the perfect solution!         

With jamberry, toes need not be separated and no more time is needed to be spared for the polish to dry. Along with the ease of the job, this pedicure also multiple other advantages. It’s a bonus that their durability and life is so strong,i.e. they can last up to 6 weeks on toes. They won’t chip and also no drying time is needed for Jamberry Nail Wraps. They are non-toxic too. The wraps can be removed so easily with so little amount of warm coconut oil. Thus, the professional yet inexpensive pedicure is possible at home! Here is the mechanism to master in jamberry pedicures that are fabulous and effective in ensuring nail health and glow!


Step-By-Step Guide to Perform Jamberry Pedicure

Applying wraps for professional Jamberry pedicure at home slightly differs from the way they are conventionally applied on nails. The difference lies in the manner in which wraps are prepared for a pedicure.

Every sheet of wraps offers two Jamberry pedicure applications. This pedicure involves the usage of the largest two wraps that are found on each side of the sheets. A second-biggest wrap is used for the big toe while the largest wrap is used for the remaining toes. For the rest of the toes, the largest wrap is cut into eight pieces and applied for all remaining toenails. These are jamberry pedicure instructions.

1.      Nail Preparation

The first step in Jamberry pedicure is nail preparation, which is not so tough for. Cuticles are pushed back and nails are swiped with Nail Prep Cleanser before applying the wrap. The cuticle that has built up must be cleared to have long-lasting and best results of the jamberry pedicure.  If accumulation is more, it takes a bit of time to scrap it off. Then after scrapping, nails are washed to remove dirt. It is the preparatory step for a jamberry pedicure.

2.      Applying Wraps

Once nails are made ready, wraps can be applied. Though already all nails are cleaned, once again the nails ought to be wiped. Once the cleaner dries, the wraps can be applied. The wrap must be peeled off from its protective backing. One must be careful in handling the wrap. It is essential to not touch the sticky part or adhesive part of the wrap. Thus, the pair of tweezers or an orange stick-like structure that came along with the kit would help in peeling off.

At this period of time, the wrap is laid on a nail and positioned properly.  The wrap is given pressure with fingers or a purple stick-like structure that is found in the kit. It is done to ensure that the wrap sticks with the nail. At this point of time, the wrap is also given an initial blast of heat via a heat source (like a heater). Then the same process is continued for all other toes, leaving the applied ones undisturbed. If the wrap is big for the nail or hangs off too much from the nail, the wrap can be trimmed a little, to fit the nail.

3.      Trimming Wrap

When all wraps are applied to the fingers, the excess portion of wrap or hanging wrap can be cut off or trimmed. Nail trimmers can be used to trim the length of wrap and nail too, to the size we desire. Once these steps, which are so simple yet effective are completed, the jamberry pedicure is done! These Jamberry pedicure instructions reward great looking nails for upcoming weeks!

Get Beautiful Nails Handy: Jamberry Pedicure Application

Everyone desires to have the best out of all their works and so is the jamberry pedicure! Perfect, unique and our desired methods of pedicure can be done with jamberry pedicure applications. There are hundreds of jamberry pedicure methods. Here are the most popular four pedicure ways:

1.      Pedi pack:

It is the standard method that uses two largest wraps and is almost the template or base for all others. The aforementioned procedure is that of this Pedi pack that involves giving the largest piece to biggest toe and cutting remaining wrap into 8 for the rest. The design or pattern is up to us which can be up or down or sideways. Rest of the procedure is the same.

2.      French Tips Styles:

It uses three largest wraps for biggest toe, second biggest toe and pinky toe. The tiniest toes get an amazing solid overall colour and its result is dazzling. It’s one of the most sought-after styles. Many jamberry pedicure videos are released on this style.

3.      Reverse French Tip Styles and Ombrés:

Reverse French Jamberry style wrap sheets offer mostly designs on the cuticle end that is similar to the regular French Tip designs. But they don’t use just 2 wraps. It involves the cutting of 3 wraps to match 10 toes and still have wraps left for accent nails!

4.      Asymmetrical Styles:

These Jamberry designs resemble Reverse French Tip styles, but the design is for only half a portion of the nail. Asymmetrical designs are cut for 10 toes from 3 wraps. Only templates vary though the other steps are the same.

By watching Jamberry pedicure video, practising these styles becomes easy. Elegance exclusively combines with easy work and offers a great reward. The Procedure for preparing the nail, cleansing, applying wraps and trimming is the common process with only templates varying according to people’s tastes.

Some Last Words

Lovely nails are at your reach with less cost and less work which is possible only with a jamberry pedicure! Master the art and you become smart in managing yourself!