A journey to Bhutan is incomplete without trying out Bhutan’s Cuisine. What the Bhutanese are in actuality in love with is a spice that comes throughout so boldly in a variety of their dishes. Vegetarian travelers could breathe a sigh of relief about their meal options. It is interesting to observe is that in spite of the existence of many popular meat-based dishes, sizeable quantities of Bhutanese humans are vegetarians. A lot of Indian and Chinese food is also reachable all through the country. Due to its traditional rich culture, Bhutan will provide you an experience that you never had before. But while you trip to Bhutan; you need to taste the Bhutan meals which are a delicacy.

When you travel to Bhutan, take this list of our nine must-taste Bhutan food items to sample at least once.

1. Ema Datshi – (chilies and cheese)

If there is one national dish to eat when traveling Bhutan, this is it. It’s so ubiquitous that some say if you haven’t eaten ema datshi, you haven’t been to Bhutan. The locals eat the stew, which is similar to a curry, daily along with red rice. It’s made of green, yellow or red chilies, yak or cow’s milk cheese, onions and tomatoes. Taste very carefully, though. The chilies of Bhutan are excessive up on the Scoville Heat Scale and are meant to make you warm enough to sweat.

2. Jasha Maroo or Maru – (Spicy Chicken)

Although this combination of chilies, onion, tomato, garlic, coriander leaves and ginger is generally made with finely diced chicken, you will once in a while locate it made with beef. Though frequently referred to as a stew, there’s definitely a hefty element of liquid (chicken broth) in the finished dish. Like most Bhutanese food, it is served with red rice.

3. Red Rice – Staple Food in Bhutan

Except for the Bumthang region where buckwheat food items are greater popular, red rice is one of the staple foods of the Bhutanese people. It is a medium-grain variety of rice that is grown in the Kingdom in the Eastern Himalayas. It has been grown for a number of years in the fertile soil of the Paro Valley which receives the benefit of mineral-rich glacier water. It cooks faster than other rice sorts because it is only partially milled, i.e. some of the bran is left on the rice and after being cooked acquires a reddish-brown tinge.

4. Shakam Paa

Shakam Paa is a magical Bhutanese dish made using ground beef, dried chilies, and radish. The beef in this dish is a bit chewy due to the fact beef is first dried and preserved before being used in this dish. Shakam Paa is an amazing supply of protein and is one of the staple diets of the Bhutanese people. The technique of drying and maintaining beef is also a part of the normal cooking style of Bhutan.

Steak food

5. Juma

Juma is a regular Bhutanese sausage that is made with minced meat, some light amount of spices and rice which is crammed and wrapped into the intestine. It is one of the favored food am among the Bhutanese recipes. On your first bite, you can feel the taste of the Sichuan pepper which will ship a zing sensation all via your body. But not all the Juma’s around Bhutan have a comparable taste. You will find Juma’s that tastes simple and are very meaty. While being in Bhutan, this is a must try dish.

6. Goep

Goep, once joyously savored, today, its popularity has declined in nearly all Asian countries, however, Bhutan seems to not let go of this scrumptious dish just yet. Goep is a tripe dish that has a chewy texture and is organized the use of the lining of the large stomach of animals that are sliced reduce into small strips including a variety of chopped vegetables, dried chilies, onions and different spices relying on your taste.

7. Momos

It is probably found in almost every nook of Bhutan. It is a captivating dish mainly for foreigners. Momos are very similar to Chinese Dumplings. The stuffing internal the momos varies but the most common stuffing is minced pork or beef, cabbage, fresh cheese, garlic, and coriander leaves.

Ingredients: minced pork or beef, cabbage, coriander, cheese, garlic, chili, and salt


8. Kewa Datshi

This dish shows off their local produce in a great way. Potatoes are cooked in cheese and chili and served with rice. Ngakhagchu datshi is an equal dish made using asparagus when it is in season.

9. Hoentay

Besides momo and chili, Bhutan affords prosperous and various culinary experiences. There is different cuisine from distinct local places. For instance, ‘hoentay’ is known especially for originating from Haa Valley in Bhutan, hoentay is comparable to momos, but they are made with a buckwheat dough wrapper.

10. Puta

Puta is a staple diet of Bhutanese Cuisine which is a complete meal. The noodles are prepared from buckwheat, which is healthy. It is a good substitute for rice dishes and is made through cooking these noodles in vegetables, meat, and sauces. Usually, these noodles are boiled; however, they are servedstir-fried in oil.

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