For some people, being a shop keeper is a dream come true. They seem like they are born with natural communication and organisation skills, and following the latest trends from the industry is only a plus. If interacting with customers and vendors, management and style have always been your passion, maybe being a shopkeeper is the right position for you. However, in this golden age of technology, opening up a shop online is easier and more convenient for you and your customers.
But not everyone is a skilful computer master. Even if you have all the required skills, not knowing how the internet shop works, makes your online business doomed to failure. Besides that, competition in the internet market is huge, as thousands of brands from all over the world compete on it. That’s why knowing the protocol and useful tips is essential for your start-up.

1. Offline vs. Online

The main dilemma when it comes to starting a business in the 21st century is whether should it be online or offline. Both of these have its plus and minus sides, the only difference is what concessions are you willing to make.

Opening up an actual homeware shop in the main street may seem like a reasonable solution. Everyone loves to see a well-decorated homeware shop window. Customers simply love to come inside and feel the softness of textile, see the pattern of the bedding in person and get expert advice from you. However, the major disadvantage, that will make you change your mind, is the cost. Renting a shop in the busy street, paying taxes and utility bills, all add up to an enormous number, which will, most likely, be higher than the sale’s profit. 

But before you decide on the online option, make sure you carefully study the advantages and disadvantages of online business. Taking into consideration the cost of a brick and mortar shop, the minimal cost of an online shop is the biggest advantage. Online businesses have overall lower cost and expenses, which means that you can keep your prices as low as possible. Customers love that. In addition to that, competitive prices allow you to compete with larger homeware retails on the market.

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2. Develop a plan

Once you’ve decided to start an online business, make sure you have a realistic idea and a possible goal. Starting an online homeware business is a sensible objective that can lead to profit at one point or another. The truth is, chances you become filthy rich in the first business year are slim, close to zero. Many steps need to be taken before you earn your first profit, so you must be committed to working hard towards your goal.

Even though the beginnings are tough, smart work will pay off. Before you launch your business, you need to do some research and become prepared. You’ll be fully ready when you finish exploring the market, looking for what kind of homeware products are on high demand, and learning how to set prices. Besides that, developing business relationships with prominent contacts, such as photographers, graphic and web designers, and suppliers, will help you give your business a head start. But remember, good things are worth the wait, so be patient.

3. Start small

Immediately launching your business in the biggest market is like paddling into rapids when you can’t swim. Chances of drowning are bigger than the chances of becoming a hero. That’s why it’s logical to start small until you get the idea of how the market and business work. 

Let’s face it, homeware includes a huge range of products, which can sometimes be quite pricey. Embracing the whole niche can only take you downhill. So, take it down a notch and focus on a smaller objective for your starting point. For instance, you can invest in only bed-related products, such as unique beddings and soft pillowcases, and develop your business from there. The quality of products, as well as the customer service and on-time delivery, are key components in building your reputation. Once you’ve built up your name, you can try expanding your inventory.

4. Learn from the best

Most large retails and brands didn’t become successful overnight. It’s a process of dedication and hard work that takes a few years or more. But it’s also important to remember that most of these retail stores started as small online businesses too. So, anything is possible. 

Researching about your colleagues and competitors is desirable, as you can learn a lot from them. Famous brands invest large amounts of money and time into testing and researching the market. Being original works, but having a successful scheme that can make your business launch is even better for the beginning. So, pick an online homeware store as motivation and research about their marketing strategies and stock. Besides that, make sure you sell products of excellent quality and order them from a reliable supplier. Ordering homewares online allows you to have unique high-quality homeware for competitive price with free delivery.

5. Express your brand

As the homeware market is one of the largest markets online, expressing your brand has never been more important. Branding includes every little detail, from how your webpage looks and what feeling it gives off, to the message you’re sending to shoppers. That’s why it’s important to know the key elements when it comes to building a brand image.

Creativity, honesty, reputation and engagement are four pieces of the successful brand puzzle, so if you want to have a complete image you must not overlook either of those. For example, photographs are a fantastic way to visually represent your business. Their main goal is to spark customers’ creativity with the items you offer. Another great way of building your reputation is by giving discount codes to your most loyal customer. That’s how you’ll increase your turnover. To be fair, everyone loves a good discount.



Even though starting an online homeware business seems impossible taking into consideration the competition and market, unique ideas and high-quality products have always been great at attracting new customers. People are always seeking for something new and exciting, so with careful planning, your online shop can provide that and many more things. Don’t let the huge competition discourage you, just work on building and expressing your brand, and you’ll be successful in no time.