The United States is one of the most adored countries on the planet. The nation consists of beautiful cities, nicely built homes, and plenty of career opportunities. In addition to that, it also features on the list of top 20 developed countries in the world. Even though nearly every city fits the criteria of a fun place to live in, some regions outrank the rest.

According to most people, a fun place to live in is an area with friendly neighborhoods, well-connected roads, beautiful parks, cultural diversity, and great weather. It is also an area that has excellent social amenities with a fantastic job market. You should, however, keep in mind that such regions come with a steep price tag. In case you are planning to relocate, here is a list of most fun places to live in the US:


Austin in Texas

Every city rankings seem to place Austin on top of the rest for affordability, quality of life, and the job market. The place has perfect weather and quality social amenities, which you will find excellent. It is also growing economically with Apple planning to inject a whopping $1billion for a 133-acre campus. There are also more tech companies setting up shop in Austin, thus creating employment. What makes it fun is the fact that it has multiple bike and hike trails for your morning exercises and amazing parks as well. It is also the best place to enjoy delicious tacos and craft beer, as well as smoked meat.

Washington in District of Columbia

Don’t let the idea that Washington is a federal city scare you from aspiring to live there. The place is fun and incredible. The white house scandals and rumors often make it more enjoyable and thrilling. Your kids get to access quality education from some of the best public schools. Your family also gets to be surrounded by stunning attractions like the National Geographic headquarters and museum. If you are a fine arts lover, you will find the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts to be impeccable.


Des Moines in Iowa

Des Moines is a place that you should consider living in. The suburbs are superb! Locations such as grimes and Altoona have a friendly environment and impeccable homes. The city is also famous for hosting various festivals throughout the year. Retail lovers will find Jordan creek to be amazing. It is a fascinating place with various restaurants and retail shops. Unlike many other sites in the United States, Des Moines is famous for its love for interaction. It is also a food capital, and the only place you will find foods such as crab rangoon pizza and walking ched burger. With such foods, all you need is a bottle of Mendocino farms wine to call it a day.

Huntsville in Alabama

If you are looking for a populous and fun place to stay in the US, then Huntsville should be your best choice. It is a town with a rich history and exciting culture that will see you put on a smile every day. You also get to enjoy street parties and open-air art exhibitions, which hundreds of locals attend. Foodies will find famous restaurants ready to serve delectable dishes and fresh drinks. Make sure you bring along a roof rack tent since there are plenty of camping spots with beautiful sceneries.


Portland in Oregon

Portland’s transformation into a significant place to live in the USA is fantastic. It is a region where people are friendly and accommodative. The surrounding areas offer not only lovely backdrops but also splendid environments for outdoor activities. There is a river for kayaking, a hiking park, and an excellent windsurfing location. The area is also close to Willamette Valley, which is a wine region. That is why every time in Portland is wine o’clock. You can visit the winery from time to time and have fun.


Denver in Colorado

The city of Denver has desirability of 8.8, according to research. The weather there is excellent, making it hospitable for most people. Winters are not too cold, while summers are manageable. Its location places it close to rocky mountains, which means you can add climbing to your list of to-do things. Due to its suitability and excellent location, the population in Denver increased in the past years. That made the cost of living to hike. It would help if you thus prepared to pay a significant amount for you to have a home in Denver.


Los Alamos in New Mexico

There is no better way to describe Los Alamos other than a safe small town with potential. The place has plenty of excellent schools with elegant neighborhoods. Among the many reasons to move to Los Alamos is the pleasant sunny weather. That means you and your family will get to have fun all year round as you partake in various outdoor activities. There are also multiple attractions like the Bandelier National Monument, which offers magnificent views and hiking trails.


Quality living is something you can plan. Rule number one is to research more about the place and see what it has to offer. You also need to know the things and activities that make the place fun to live in. The list above contains the most fun places to live in the US. Analyze which region best suits your needs and start your journey to better living.