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When organizing an event, there are many things to think about. Who is your audience? Is it your employees, clients or business partners? What is the budget at your disposal? Can you go all out or do you have to keep it low-key? What is the goal of this event? Are you launching your company or a new product? Are you expanding or celebrating a monumental achievement? Answering all of these questions is important in order to be able to plan this properly.

However, regardless of why you are throwing this event, you should also understand that it will tell people a lot about your brand. So, besides ensuring your audience has a good time, you also have to think about how to best show who you are as a company and spread awareness about yourself. Take a look below for some tips that are sure to help create a memorable event.

Create A Website Dedicated To The Event

A memorable event starts way before the guests enter the venue. You need to create hype around the event in order to draw interest and make people want to attend. For starters, you can design a website that is dedicated specifically to the happening. This will allow the attendees and those that are considering going to explore everything that you have to offer and ask you questions about the event. You need to include the date, time and location, a detailed agenda and a list of speakers, and some past testimonials about the events you held previously. Add an FAQ page where people can get more info without having to contact you and a page where they can purchase tickets and learn more about accommodation. What is more, boast about the benefits that visitors can expect. By having a “why attend” page on the event website where you will mention impressive stats and give compelling visuals, you can easily convince them that coming to the event is the right thing to do. Plus, offering a discount for early birds can tempt people even further. In case you can’t afford an expert website designer, you can consider platforms like Squarespace and Wix which make this task easy with the templates they provide.

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Promote The Event Using Social Media

In addition to creating a website, you need to utilize social media to the max. If you’ve done the necessary market research, you already know which platforms are preferred among your target audience. Whether it’s Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn, you need to create a strategy that will regularly promote your event. Other than interesting videos that will catch the attention of clients and businesses, you should come up with a specific hashtag that will be used for all posts related to the event. It can be just your company’s name and the year or you can come up with something funny, with a pun or relevant to the event in question. Follow it and join the conversation – maybe people will be looking for hotel/restaurant recommendations so you can jump in and show them that you care. Moreover, make sure you respond to all comments and enquiries people might have when it comes to the event.

Make The Venue Accessible And Easy To Navigate

In terms of the actual event, you need to find the right location that can fit the people you intend on hosting. Once you’ve found it, there are two major aspects you need to think about – accessibility and branding. First off, make sure that the venue is easily accessed by cars and that there is enough parking for everyone. Look into nearby accommodation options in case the guests need a place to stay after the event. Then, it should be accessible for people with disabilities and those in wheelchairs. Put up signs around the venue so that the event is easy to find; this is especially important if there are several events taking place at the same time. The good thing here is that you can use these signs for your branding efforts as well. For example, setting up branded event banners, direction arrows and portable brochure holders will help the attendees find their way to the venue and get a schedule of the planned activities while your name and logo will also be getting attention thanks to the promotional materials.

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Provide The Attendees With Unique Activities

When it comes to entertainment, there are many options. Luckily, regardless of your budget, you can find a way to provide your guests with interesting activities. For example, in addition to your key speakers, you can hire a band, magician or tarot card reader to keep the audience engaged during intermissions. If you’re celebrating a big win, you can consider karaoke and have everyone choose a song they will perform. Perhaps this is a team-building effort – then, consider fun games that will not seem like tasks but actually allow attendees to bond and have a good time. On a bigger scale, you can customize each attendee’s schedule and have them do unique things relevant to their interests.

Consider Live Streaming The Event

Maybe you are forced to keep the event small due to budgetary constrictions. However, if you still have a lot of people interested in attending, you can consider live streaming. Fortunately, there are now many ways how you can let your audience see what is happening at the event. From Instagram Live and YouTube to setting up a stream on the website dedicated to your event, people can follow along, learn new things from your speakers and perhaps even take part in some form, by asking questions, for example. You can also have someone handle your Twitter account during the event and tweet about everything that is going on.

Follow Up After The Event

To make sure your event was memorable, you should follow up with your attendees. Send them an email where you will recap the event and you can even ask for suggestions for next time. If you were recording the event, you can post it on YouTube or IGTV so that people who weren’t able to watch it live can catch up and spread the word about future events.

As you can see, what you do before and after the event can also play a big role in how it goes. By ensuring your guests have a good time, you will most certainly promote your brand in the right way as well.